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Student Unions and Event Managers are booking ‘rooms' in for:

Events including Freshers Fairs/Ball, Halloween, Winter Ball, Re-Freshers Fair and Graduation

Several universities have booked the entire factory on campus for students, staff and societies to enjoy as an event itself #BestStudentUnionEver


Tired of having no-one spend time at your booth at trade-show? Looking for something different to market your brand? Our 'rooms' guarantee throngs of visitors (we've even seen queues) as well as rocketing online exposure after the event #TalkOfTheExhibition

Hire from our catalogue or request a custom room built bespoke for your brand to keep and use again & again


You want your wedding to stand out from the rest... chocolate fountains and classic photo-booths are tired.

Book a room or two from our catalogue and give visitors a night to remember at the reception as well as a library of incredible photos to remember the day by.

Event Planners

Ready to make your event an eleven out of ten?

We're working with companies at venues like the EXCEL London to add the WOW factor to visitor's experiences. Set up selfie-spots around the event, erect a custom room at the entrance and watch the smiles (and online check-ins!) roll in.

It's 2018, people want interactivity; they don't just want to see anymore, they want to do...

The UK’s First

Instagram™ Inspired Funhouse For Selfies

Our experience features 10+ unique photo friendly environments to add to your event, allowing visitors up their Instagram™ game and rocket your online exposure. It includes a giant ball pit room, a doughnut wall, confetti cove & much much more… each room can be hired individually or together.

An exceptionally unique experience to make your event a 10 out of 10

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Huge Online Exposure

People love taking photos and events are a photo frenzy. The Selfie Factory embraces this, encourages it and takes it to a whole new level, each room is flooded with visitors and featured thousands of times in Instagram feeds. A simple call-to-action in front of each room like tagging, hashtagging, @ing or checking in to your event facilitates online exposure on steroids.

Add The WOW Factor

Add value to the visitor experience and cement your event as firmly ‘on the pulse‘ of what’s trending. Let them get interactive.

It’s important to keep things fresh and push a different, improved event experience year on year. Interactivity is something that consumers are craving in 2018 when things are more hands on and available than ever. The throngs of visitors don’t just want to come and see, they want to ‘do’…

Increase Time Spent

No one wants an empty event. Walking into a ghost town is one of the most discouraging experiences out there.

One of the simplest ways to bump up the atmosphere is to keep current visitors in an event for as long as possible. Letting them get involved is an easy way to achieve that… We’ve had people spend hours in our factory rooms, many return for repeat visits resulting in a more ‘sticky’ experience and lively event.

Three Ways To Play…

Let’s make your event a 10 out of 10.

This is the greatest idea I've seen in my entire life

VisitorReview Left On Post-It Note Wall

I've literally had so much fun I might explode. Please come back #DontEatTheDonuts

VisitorReview Left On Post-It Note Wall

3 hours and 9 outfit changes. Thank you. The photos are AMAZING

VisitorReview Left On Post-It Note Wall

This is by far the busiest the venue has ever been. There was a queue outside this morning before the doors opened. It's incredible to see people respond so strongly to this crazy idea.


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