The UK's First Instagram™ Inspired Funhouse For Selfies

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We’re Selfie Factory, the quirky interactive pop-up experience for selfie taking  –where you can fill up your camera roll with incredible photos of you and your friends

Our exhibit features 10+ unique photo friendly environments to up your Instagram™ game and includes a giant ball pit room, a doughnut wall, confetti cove & much much more…


What exactly is it?

Selfie Factory is the dream of three friends life-long friends and keen Instagrammers. All three of us understand the time and effort it takes to get that perfect photo and after a recent trip to Los Angeles, we were inspired to create a mini photographer’s heaven back here in the UK for people just like us.

We’ve spent months developing perfect room environments and building the backdrops that you frequently see behind celebs in your feed to put them all under one roof for you to enjoy.

Come along and spend 60 minutes in our funhouse, you’re free to float around and take as many photos as you like. We’ve separated the space into a series of rooms with several photo opportunities in each so you can exit knowing you have an arsenal of the most incredible photos to upload over the following weeks.

We look forward to meeting you!

What happens when I’m inside?

We suggest that you arrive 5/10 minutes before your entry time on the day you’re visiting. You’ll then be set loose into the room and what you decide to do with that time is completely up to you!

Some people prefer to visit each room in order and take it in turns being photographed and then becoming the photographer for the friend they’re with whilst others will head to the room at the top of their list straight away.

Make the most out of the time you have and fill up your camera roll. Make sure you have some poses prepared!

How much time do I get?

A general admission ticket gets you a whopping 60 minutes inside the factory. We’ve found that this is the perfect amount of time for you to make the most of each room before your grin muscles start to ache.

The sessions begin on the hour every hour and we have a 10-minute window for the previous group of selfie-takers to exit before you rush it to snap away.

If you do feel you need more time inside, you’re more than welcome to purchase an unlimited day ticket (meaning you’re welcome to come back later with a fresh outfit) this entitles you to unlimited use of the factory for the hours we’re open that day.

How early should I arrive?

Please arrive at least 5/10 minutes before your entry time so we can get you all checked in and ready to go as soon as the clock hits the hour mark!

Can I bring my proper camera/DSLR?

1000% yaaas. As long as it’s for personal use, you’re more than welcome to bring whatever equipment you like. If you’re looking to shoot commercially please contact us.

Can I bring a change of outfit?

Ooo look at you, really going for it, huh?! Unfortunately, we don’t have changing room facilities but there are toilets on the site that you’re more than welcome to switch those outfits up in.

Where is the nearest tube?

We’re a short 5-minute stroll away from Shoreditch High Street. Come along and enjoy the neighbourhood before or after your session, there’s plenty to see & explore.

Do you have a photographer there?

Nope, this is all self-love photo taking!

Bring along your phone, your camera or your Polaroid and hit the shutter until you run out of space. The old snappin’ a friend switcheroo is the best tactic and strangers are usually more than happy to do the old 1 for 1 too!

What's your returns policy?

All ticket sales are non-refundable.

Is Selfie Factory wheelchair accessible?

Yes! You’ll be able to enjoy the vast majority of rooms and backdrops with a couple of exclusions like the ball pit.

What should I bring?

Your ticket, ID and a load of energy.

Can I bring my pet?

We love pets more than anyone on the planet. We’ve actually just got some new furry members in our family (the woof-y type), but unfortunately, we can’t have pets in the building except guide dogs.

I have an allergy (latex, feathers or something else!), what should I do?

Oh no, please contact us about your allergy and we’ll be able to advise you from there!

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